General Election Drinking Game

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Thursday 6th May 2010, 23:00 - 4:00

An endurance performance by Ellie Harrison
Featuring Oliver Braid, Harriet Plewis and Paul Knight
With Ilana Mitchell as the 'Returning Officer'

General Election Drinking Game took place on the night of the 2010 UK general election. It featured four 'players' lined up as though pundits in a panel discussion - each representing one of the main political parties.

Following the live election results carefully, each player attempted to drink one shot of lager for every seat in parliament their party won, out of the total of 646. The levels of intoxication of each player were directly proportional to their party's success.

Live coverage of General Election Drinking Game was webcast throughout the night from this website. Alongside the mainstream media, it aimed to offer an alternative commentary on the results.

The live performance took place as part of the election special all-nighter at the Star and Shadow in Newcastle, which featured the live results alongside performances and interventions by artists responding to the election theme.


1. Players draw straws to see who represents which political party
2. Each player drinks one shot of lager (34ml) for each seat in parliament that their party wins

Estimated Quantities of Lager

This table was drawn up prior to the performance to estimate the potential quantities of lager each 'player' might have to consume. The 2005 numbers are based on the results of the 2005 UK general election and the 2010 numbers are based on the number of seats each party had at the close of parliament on 12th April 2010.

General Election Drinking Game