General Election Drinking Game

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Thursday 6th May 2010, 23:00 - 4:00

A preview of General Election Drinking Game was featured in The Guardian (page 17) on Wednesday 5th May 2010, as part of Barney Ronay's election diary: 1 day to go.

Party politics: Election art

More evidence of Labour's "investment in Britain's cultural life" with news of an election night online art happening. General Election Drinking Game is the latest project by Glasgow-based artist Ellie Harrison. Basically it's a general election drinking game, as performed by "artists" (you know the type) who will appear on stage at the Star and Shadow cinema in Newcastle, each representing a party, and drink a measure of beer for each seat they win. "It's a way of commenting on the impotence of the process and a feeling of alienation," Harrison tells the Diary. Plus one more way of feeling quite a bit worse come Friday morning.